ImmuneBytes is a fast-growing, top-class blockchain security service provider in the areas of smart contract security, penetration testing, security audits, cybersecurity consulting, and more. Since 2020, ImmuneBytes has expanded and assisted DeFi protocols to secure over $1.8 billions worth of assets. We pioneer blockchain security by employing the industry's best tools and practices to provide a comprehensive smart contract audit. With a team of robust and experienced security professionals, we offer you services to find vulnerabilities, monitor threats and minimize the risk of getting hacked. Having worked on projects spread across different blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, PolkaDot, Tron, EOS, Polygon, and even on various sectors of DeFi , NFTs, tokens, protocols, DEXs, and more, we strive to facilitate the decentralization movement. We are also planning to launch our Web3.0 Bug Bounty platform that will incorporate our high-end research with a real-world hacker mentality to mitigate risk. With ImmuneBytes Bug Bounty Program you can enjoy the perks of a professional triage team, ongoing crowdsourced security programs, the white hat army, a secure dashboard, and more for your DeFi and crypto projects.

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