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2 min readOct 10, 2023

A FriendTech user, @yyctrader1, has reportedly lost 22 ETH due to a phishing exploit on his FriendTech wallet.

The perpetrator has successfully moved the stolen assets from #Base to #Ethereum using #Orbiter, with some of the funds ending up in #Binance.

The scammer utilized the Orbiter platform to bridge the stolen ETH to Ethereum, and some of the stolen funds have been deposited into @binance.

Hack Transaction:

The sequence of events began when the victim was approached last night by an individual who claimed to represent Friendmex-the trading platform for FriendTech users.

Despite the presence of many shared servers, the victim decided to engage with this person, marking their first mistake in this situation.

A few hours later, a ‘colleague’ of the initial contact followed up and expressed a desire to hold a call with the victim. This conversation took place on Discord, and unfortunately, the content from the scammers’ side of the discussion has since been deleted.

During the call, the scammers convinced the victim to click on a link to explore their purported product, constituting the victim’s second mistake.

It is worth noting that the scammers maintained a cordial demeanor during the conversation, with one of them having an Asian accent and the other sounding American.

To add to the deception, the scammers even scheduled a follow-up call for the next day.

Following the call, the victim immediately noticed suspicious activity where the scammers began to offload shares and transfer ETH from his wallet.

In light of these distressing events, the victim earnestly reaches out to individuals such as @cz_binance and @zachxbt, expressing their sincere hope that any available measures can be taken to track down the scammers.

On Oct 5, four FriendTech users had lost over 234 ETH (~$385k) when a scammer used a SIM swapping method to drain funds from their wallets.

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