ImmuneBytes Completes OneOf Smart Contract Audit| Read Details

3 min readMar 24, 2022


ImmuneBytes And OneOf

ImmuneBytes has officially announced the successful completion of the smart contract security audit for OneOf Smart contracts.

The team of independent auditors has performed thorough testing of the project starting with analyzing the code design patterns in which the team reviewed the smart contract architecture to ensure it is structured and safe use of third-party smart contracts and libraries.

Some pointers on which the team has focused during the audit process are:

  1. Testing the functionality of the Smart Contract to determine proper logic has been followed throughout.
  2. Analyzing the complexity of the code by thorough, manual review of the code, line-by-line.
  3. Deploying the code on testnet using multiple clients to run live tests.
  4. Analyzing failure preparations to check how the Smart Contract performs in case of bugs and vulnerabilities.
  5. Checking whether all the libraries used in the code are on the latest version.
  6. Analyzing the security of the on-chain data.

Auditors at ImmuneBytes then performed a formal line-by-line inspection of the Smart Contract in order to find any potential issues like Signature Replay Attacks, Unchecked External Calls, External Contract Referencing, Variable Shadowing, Race conditions, Transaction-ordering dependence, timestamp dependence, DoS attacks, and others.

In the Unit testing phase, we run unit tests written by the developer in order to verify the functions work as intended. In Automated Testing, we tested the Smart Contract with 3rd party tools to identify vulnerabilities and security flaws.

Audit Overview

Project Name: OneOf

Token Name: Destroyable.sol, ERC1155.sol, ERC1155AllowanceWrapper.sol, NFTOneof.sol, NFTOneofExtention.sol

GitHub Address:

Commit Hash for the Audit: 3a43426ccab1c3e981422cf4ec5f546505dd7531

Languages: Solidity(Smart contract), Typescript (Unit Testing)

Platforms and Tools: Remix IDE, Truffle, Truffle Team, Ganache, Solhint, VScode, Contract Library, Slither, SmartCheck

Audit Summary

ImmuneBytes conducted a security audit of OneOf smart contract — destroyable.sol, ERC1155.sol, ERC1155AllowanceWrapper.sol, NFTOneof.sol, NFTOneofExtention.sol.

Our smart contract auditors split the issues according to the severity levels:

Admin/Owner Privileges can be misused either intentionally or unintentionally.

High severity issues will bring problems and should be fixed.

Medium severity issues could potentially bring problems and should eventually be fixed.

Low severity issues are minor details and warnings that can remain unfixed but would be better fixed at some point in the future.

The smart contract audit report with in-depth details about the contract code and its vulnerabilities can be found here: OneOf Audit Report

About OneOf

OneOf is a blockchain-based game of skill and chance that uses the Tezos cryptocurrency to reward winners. OneOf chose Tezos because of its energy efficient design as well as its unique ability to self-amend, allowing it to undergo regular upgrades that keep it at the cutting edge of innovation. Oneof is connected to Tezos, one of the first crypto-judging platforms built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

About ImmuneBytes

ImmuneBytes is a fast-growing, top-class blockchain security service provider in the areas of smart contract security, penetration testing, security audits, and more. Since 2020, we have expanded and assisted decentralized finance protocols to secure over $1.8 billion worth of assets. We keep your blockchain safe, employing the industry’s best tools and practices to find vulnerabilities in your smart contracts. With a team of robust and experienced security professionals, we offer to monitor your threats and make sure you don’t get hacked.




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